Geological Surveys

OOO ‘CGEI’ performs surveys that include drilling of geotechnical boreholes, in-situ soil tests (CPTs and SPTs), experimental hydrogeological surveys, laboratory soil testing in compliance with the Russian (GOSTs) and International (BS, ASTM) standards.

The company possesses wide experience of survey work for oil-and-gas projects in various regions of the Russian Federation. Various pipelines, booster stations, oil loading terminals and other facilities have been designed and commissioned basing on results of our surveys.

Our own fleet of modern drilling equipment helps us to execute engineering-geological surveys in remote and hard-to-reach areas.

The following drilling rigs are available to our geological field teams:

  • SANDVIK DE 140;
  • Geomachine GM-75 GT;
  • Ural 4320-based URB-2A-2;
  • KAMAZ-based URB-2A-2;
  • Tracked vehicle-based URB-2A-2(M);
  • Tracked vehicle-based URB-2A-2;
  • Motor-boat based drilling rig BBU-001 ‘Openok-S’;
  • Drilling rig BBU-000 ‘Openok’.


Multi-purpose soil laboratory.

Our multi-purpose soil laboratory helps to carry out soil testing in compliance with the Russian (GOSTs) and International (BS, ASTM) standards.

The soil laboratory was instrumented with account for the requirements of our foreign partners in engineering surveys for integrated development of the Shtokman gas condensate field (Shtokman Development AG, SDAG).

The laboratory equipment enables execution of the following soil investigations:

  • Particle size distribution (PSD) by sieve or densimeter methods;
  • Water content;
  • Plastic limits;
  • Bulk density with the cutting ring method;
  • Specific gravity with the pycnometer test;
  • Loss of organic content on ignition;
  • Carbonate content;
  • Permeability of sandy and clayey soils;
  • Mechanical properties (strength and deformation);
  • Express determination of strength properties;
  • Content of readily soluble and moderately soluble salts in water and water extract.


Cryogenic soil laboratory.

OOO ‘CGEI’ is currently carrying out cryogenic soil laboratory installation works.