Geographic Information System

OOO ‘CGEI’ organizes and performs land and airborne topographic and tunnel survey operations by line objects. Survey data are delivered to the customer as a complete Geographic Information System (GIS).

GIS is an integrated and centralized data storage and processing system that contains a set of interrelated topographic documents, e.g. maps, longitudinal profiles, topographic maps combined with aerial photographs, and database of facilities (e.g. an oil pipeline corridor) with their specifications.

Basic GIS features:

  • Document search based on type, area and linear dimensions;
  • Simple control of the information layers;
  • One-click transition between documents;
  • Printing and/or export of document arts at user-defined scales;
  • Simultaneous scrolling and zooming of the topographic map and profile;
  • Determination of sections with insufficient pipeline burial depth and calculation of the backfill volume;
  • Detailed information on the selected location;
  • Superimposing objects on the topographic map and profile;
  • Find object function (pipeline valves and crossings) based on type, linear dimensions or other attributes;
  •  Export of topographic drawings with indicated spool pieces to portable navigators;
  • Search and determination of the exact position of the spool pieces using in-line inspection data;
  • Fine orientation, afield search of objects and spool pieces using GPS navigation;
  • Modelling of oil film movement within the natural water system;
  • Calculation of oil pumpage in a user-defined location;
  • Construction of any longitudinal profiles aligned with geological information.

The system architecture supports simultaneous operation by a large number of users with high reliability and data security. The system is fit with a module to administer user access rights and supports the distributed control-association system. The database management system is using an Oracle-based server, while access from the client work station is based either on an AutoCad platform or WEB-interface.

By using advanced technologies and techniques for storage and processing of survey data combined with close control at each execution stage, OOO ‘CGEI’ guarantees deliverables of the highest quality.

All the filed data and processing results are immediately transferred to the company’s GIS database, where they are stored. We provide our Clients with Internet access to this database as a mapping service or through web-interface. This helps them to obtain retailed information on the surveyed objects and control work execution on-line.

Survey data can be delivered in ArcGis, MapInfo and AutoCad formats.